Currently ATTW provides two different ways for you to interact with the organization. Each of these are separate accounts you maintain. You can subscribe to any of these individually.

As a full member of ATTW, you will receive the Association’s quarterly journal, Technical Communication Quarterly. You can present at the annual ATTW conference. And you have the peace of mind knowing that you are helping to support ATTW.

Mailing list

ATTW maintains an email discussion list open to the public.

ATTW Membership

ATTW partners with Taylor & Francis, the publisher of Technical Communication Quarterly, to provide individuals with a full, paid membership to the organization.

Full membership in the organization provides you with a personal subscription to TCQ and voting privileges in elections for members of the Executive Committee. Full membership is required for individuals attending or presenting at the annual conference.

Full membership is tied to your personal subscription to TCQ. You must renew your membership annually by subscribing to TCQ.

To join ATTW as a full member,

  1. Go to the Taylor & Francis website.
  2. Subscribe to Technical Communication Quarterly
    • $79 per year for faculty and professionals.
    • $22 per year for students (see the small print beneath the product options. Students will need to call or email Taylor & Francis to subscribe).
  3. That’s it. Taylor & Francis will notify ATTW that you are a member.

To renew your ATTW membership,

  1. Taylor & Francis sends all current ATTW members a renewal notice through email (from and postal mail. Renewal notices are sent in September with reminders sent out in November.
  2. Respond to the renewal notice either.
    • By sending the form back to Taylor & Francis with your payment enclosed.
    • By visiting the website listed on the form and completing their online process.
  3. Taylor & Francis will notify ATTW that you have renewed your membership.

Please be aware that when using a university email or renewing from a computer with a university IP address some members have had difficulties with the Taylor & Francis online store. If you need to use a university account or computer it may simplify your process to contact Taylor & Francis by phone. 1-800-354-1420, ext. 4.

To check if your membership is current,

ATTW members who would like to check the status of their membership may do so by accessing to the Taylor & Francis Access Entitlements page (requires prior login and password).

Or contact the Taylor & Francis technical support team


phone: 1-800-354-1420, ext. 4.

For any other questions about the status of your membership, please email Michelle Eble at