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Want to submit an item for the ATTW Bulletin? Help us develop our content? Use this form to share your news or ideas. 

We also encourage Bulletin submission for CFPs, job postings, and other news sent directly to the ATTW-L. We can create a blog post with a permanent URL.

This helps both you and ATTW members:

  • Stable URLs are easier to circulate and locate than information sent over email. No more email searches for CFPs you vaguely remember receiving weeks ago!
  • ATTW can promote your news through social media: @attworg on Twitter and the ATTW Facebook page.
  • Accessible PDFs of documents are collected in one place for future reference. 

Please fill out this short form. Our blog editor will draft a post on the Bulletin and follow up with you promptly to review and publish.

In order for ATTW to include attachments to PDFs, documents must be formatted for accessibility. Please let us know if you need help. 

Please select a category for your Bulletin post
When your Bulletin post is published, the Bulletin editor will email you a stable URL. Please select other the ways you would like ATTW to further promote your news. You may select multiple options.
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