ATTW 2018 Research Methods Workshop Description: Analyzing Cross-cultural Data in an International Context

Analyzing Cross-cultural Data in an International Context

Tiane Donahue, Dartmouth College Institute for Writing and Rhetoric and Université de Lille, France

Globalization and transnationalism today open the door to new kinds of data that demand nuanced and complex analytic approaches. Some of the challenges arise from working with international collaborators in international projects. Some come from adapting data collection tools to multilingual, multicultural contexts. Finally, some involve adapting analytic methods for cross-cultural data. 

During the workshop, participants will learn techniques for planning and completing a qualitative analysis of cross-cultural data in an international context. Participants will have a chance to think through the organization of an international team, explore the choice of analytic tools for multilingual contexts, and work through a set of data from one of three different contexts.

The workshop will include:

-       An initial presentation of the changes fostered by globalization, the cross-cultural frames out there, and the kinds of projects generally undertaken.

-       Discussion of the challenges specific to this kind of work, including the choices international collaborators need to make.

-       Small-group work through sample data collection and analysis.

Participants will be asked to read a selection of readings in advance of the workshop, and will be welcome to bring data collected in their own projects for discussion. 

To apply for a place in one of these workshops, complete the application form and submit it by January 30, 2018. Acceptances will emailed to you by Feb 8. 

Questions about these workshops can be directed to Cheryl Geisler (, Chair of the ATTW Committee on Research.

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