The intended audience for Technical Communication Quarterly includes scholars from technical communication as well as related fields such as communication studies, business communication, information technology, human-computer interaction, and rhetoric. TCQ articles should be written in a style that is accessible to its academically and geographically diverse group of scholarly readers.

Authors should also be aware that there is a fair amount of disciplinary diversity even within the boundaries of technical communication. Thus, when technical terms specific to an author’s own expertise are used, they should be clearly defined so that a wider scholarly audience can understand. Authors should consider international readers by clarifying local institutional practices or research traditions that may be shared and assumed in one context but unfamiliar in another. Sentences should be clear and concise, and authors should strive to achieve coherence at all levels of the manuscript. 

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed. (APA Manual) is a useful resource, not just for documenting sources but for all matters of style, and authors are encouraged to consult the APA Manual from the beginning of the writing process. This document, Guide to TCQ Style, offers advice and clarification intended to supplement APA's guidelines. In places where our guide directly conflicts with APA style, these conflicts are noted.

TCQ encourages authors to follow the guidelines offered here and in the APA Manual to the best of their ability. Please also consult the Submission Instructions section of this site for details on manuscript submission and the peer review process.

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