ATTW 2017 Research Methods Workshop with Dr. Ryan K Boettger

Conducting Quantitative Content Analysis

Ryan K. Boettger, University of North Texas

Have you collected so much content for your research that you don’t know how to analyze it all?
Content analysis (CA) is a powerful empirical method for analyzing texts, images, maps, sounds, and symbols. Briefly defined, CA is the systematic, objective, and quantitative analysis of message characteristics (Neuendorf 2016). Researchers then make inferences about the messages within the texts, the writer, and the audience. The applied nature of CA has made it popular with academics, commercial researchers, and communication practitioners. However, the method is often misapplied or mislabeled in fields like technical communication.
In this workshop, you will learn and engage with CA in the following ways:
  • Learn the six-part definition of content analysis as well as understand the myths surrounding the method

  • Learn how to identify appropriate text samples and practice cleaning texts for analysis

  • Perform basic computerized CA techniques, including word lists, concordances and collocates. You can practice these techniques on your own texts but sample texts will also be provided
  • Receive one-on-one consultation on how CA could be integrated into your research

In preparation, you will read several short readings that will be emailed prior to the workshop. Additionally, you should download the free text processing tool AntConc prior to the workshop (
For Information about how to apply see the complete call for participation . 
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