ATTTW 2017 Research Methods Workshop with Dr. Laurie E Gries

Iconographic Tracking: A Digital Research Method for Circulation Studies

Laurie E. Gries, University of Colorado-Boulder

This workshop will introduce participants to digital research strategies for tracing the circulation, transformation, and consequentiality of new media artifacts (images, tweets, memes, etc.). Participants will specifically learn how do iconographic tracking (as modeled in Still Life with Rhetoric (Gries 2015)) through the strategic use of web research, Google Fusion Tables, and data visualizations. Participants will walk away from this workshop with printed guidelines for implementing iconographic tracking, which can be used for research and pedagogical purposes, as well as hands-on-experience in putting this digital research method into practice. 
The workshop will have four parts:
  • An initial introduction to iconographic tracking and discussion about its past uses and affordances

  • A collaborative research exercise in which participants learn how to do iconographic tracking; participants will specifically learn digital research strategies for collecting, coding, visualizing, and analyzing new media data

  • An individual research activity in which participants use iconographic tracking to work with their own object of study

  • Follow up discussions about this research method’s affordances, limitations, and potential for both future research and teaching

In preparation for the workshop, participants will be asked to read one article that will be sent prior to the workshop. Participants will also be asked to identify a new media artifact (image, tweet, meme, video, etc.) that they are interested in tracing and complete a brief digital research activity, which will help them collect data that they can work with during the workshop.
For Information about how to apply see the complete call for participation . 
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