ATTW Anthologies

This section offers information on the various anthologies on pedagogical and professional issues published by ATTW in the 1980s and 1990s. Several of the books are available free in PDF.

To order an ATTW book, please visit the Greenwood Press Web site.

Teaching Technical Writing: The First Day in the Technical Writing Course
ed. Merrill Whitburn, 1979, 30 pagesĀ Available free in PDF.

Teaching Technical Writing: Cassette Grading
ed. Charles R. Stratton, 1979.

Teaching Technical Writing: Teaching Audience Analysis and Adaptation
ed. Paul V. Anderson, 1980, 46 pages Avaliable free in PDF.

Teaching Technical Writing: Graphics
ed. Dixie E. Hickman, 1985, 76 pages Available free in PDF.

Teaching Technical Editing
ed. Carolyn D. Rude, 1985, 206 pages, $15.00 Available free in PDF.

The Case Method in Technical Communication
ed. R. John Brockmann, 1985, 204 pages, $15.00

Professional Writing: Toward a College Curriculum
ed. Barbara Couture. 1987, 358 pages, $25.00

Collaborative Technical Writing: Theory and Practice
eds. Richard Louth & Ann Martin Scott, 1989, 294 pages, $20.00

Establishing and Supervising Internships
ed. William O. Coggin. 1989

Teaching Technical Writing: A Pragmatic Approach
John S. Harris, 1989 (rev. 1992), 192 pages, $15.00

Technical Writing: Student Samples and Teacher Responses
ed. Sam Dragga, 1992, 325 pages, $25.00 Available free in PDF.

Technical Communications Frontiers: Essays in Theory
ed. Charles H. Sides, 1994, 198 pages, $20.00

Issues in Promotion and Tenure: Guidelines and Perspectives
ed. Elizabeth Tebeaux, 1995, 180 pages, $20.00 Available free in PDF.